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"Pattyno comed"

pattyno comedy ingirwamuganga part 1
Pattyno comedy: Ingirwamuganga Part 1
KIGALI NATION, 06/10/2020
pattyno comedy uko z 39 ubakwa part 1
Pattyno comedy: Uko z'ubakwa part 1
KIGALI NATION, 10/08/2020
pattyno comedy maneko
Pattyno comedy: Maneko
KIGALI NATION, 29/09/2020
pattyno comedy gusaba umugeni bya kirara part 2
Pattyno comedy: Gusaba umugeni bya kirara part 2
THE FOCUS MEDIA Entertainment, 09/07/2020
pattyno comedy surprise
Pattyno comedy: Surprise
KIGALI NATION, 23/09/2020
pattyno comedy uko z 39 ubakwa part 2
Pattyno comedy: Uko z'ubakwa part 2
KIGALI NATION, 31/08/2020
pattyno comedy inama y 39 abahanzi
Pattyno comedy: Inama y'abahanzi
THE FOCUS MEDIA Entertainment, 23/07/2020
pattyno comedy amahugurwa
Pattyno comedy: Amahugurwa
KIGALI NATION, 25/08/2020
pattyno comedy ibisambo
Pattyno comedy: Ibisambo
KIGALI NATION, 14/09/2020
pattyno comedy umutoza part 1
Pattyno comedy: Umutoza part 1
THE FOCUS MEDIA Entertainment, 24/06/2020
pattyno comedy urukiko part 1
Pattyno comedy: Urukiko part 1
POWER 250, 21/05/2020
pattyno comedy ingaruka zo kwiyemera
Pattyno comedy: ingaruka zo kwiyemera
THE FOCUS MEDIA Entertainment, 02/06/2020
pattyno comedy gukanira umustar
Pattyno comedy: Gukanira umustar
KIGALI NATION, 17/08/2020
pattyno comedy agakingirizo
Pattyno comedy: Agakingirizo
POWER 250, 30/05/2020
pattyno comedy urumogi part 2
Pattyno Comedy: Urumogi part 2
POWER 250, 30/04/2020
pattyno comedy urumogi part 1
Pattyno comedy: Urumogi part 1
POWER 250, 05/04/2020
pattyno comedy iyo wibye umugome
Pattyno comedy: iyo wibye umugome.
Izacu Media Tv, 30/09/2020

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